What is VoIP? What is SIP trunking?

11 Feb 2017

VoIP stands for “Voice over Internet Protocol” or “Voice over IP”. A few years ago, VoIP had an undeserved reputation for being cheap but poor quality.

Poor call quality is usually not due to VoIP, but due to firewall configuration issues, an insufficient Internet connection or the wrong VoIP provider. We know how to solve such problems!

SIP trunking refers to a providing a digital trunk line instead of a single VoIP line. Trunk is the telephony term for any connection between phone systems (such as from a PBX to the local phone company exchange, or between exchanges). SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is the signaling protocol used on a SIP trunk.

SIP trunks are often, but not always, connected over the Internet. Telepaciffic, for instance, uses SIP trunks that only connect your phone system to their network, mostly bypassing the Internet. This is one of the secrets to good call quality over SIP trunks. We can help you optimize your network for high-quality SIP trunking.