Slow Internet Explorer

29 Jul 2009

Generally, we recommend using alternate browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Google Chrome. However, some Web sites will only work with Internet Explorer. Here are some instructions on how to perform a factory reset.

Since Web browsers, by nature, go “all over the place”, all Web browsers are prone to accumulate “gunk” that can eventually slow you down or cause other problems.

Sometimes, performing what amounts to a “factory reset” helps. A factory reset will remove all toolbars and add-ons in Internet Explorer, so if you rely on them, you may need to reinstall them when you are done.

A factory reset will not touch your favorites. Both Internet Explorer 7 and Internet Explorer 8 have this option.

To perform a factory reset, find the Internet Options (in the Tools menu). Click on the Advanced Tab. Toward the bottom, you will find the Reset… button. This button performs the factory reset. It will pop up a confirmation dialog. Once the reset is done, you will need to exit Internet Explorer and restart it.